Hospital Pharmacy Crash Course (P-5)

Pharmacists completing crash course with instructors Hien and Salim
Pharmacists completing crash course with instructors Hien and Salim

Wonderful course for someone looking to make the transition into hospital pharmacy. Syed has great resources in a fairly low volume hospital, making it the perfect setting to train. Particularly useful for pharmacists with clinical knowledge and looking to gain real life experience before going solo. I learned more here than many of my final year of clerkships” -Yana Grinberg, New York

This course was meticulously designed and organized after working in different hospital pharmacy settings for over 25 years: dealing with & implementing different computer systems including clinical pharmacy programs, training Pharmacists to assume clinical roles by working independently with Doctors and Nurses to improve patient outcomes, while maintaining financial viability for the organizations.

You have 2 choices for this Hospital Pharmacy One-on-One Training Course:

  1. Hospital Pharmacy Crash Course (P-5) [6 days]
  2. Hospital Pharmacy Fellowship (P-6) [2 weeks]

These courses are designed primarily for retail pharmacists or new pharmacy graduates to prepare them primarily for Institutional Pharmacy Practice, or to provide a jump start for Pharmacist who have just entered the hospital pharmacy arena. The primary focus of this program is to prepare the pharmacist to be in a hospital pharmacy setting of an acute care hospital including decentralized responsibilities or to work in a LTAC (long term Acute Care), Rehabilitation Hospital, IV Infusion Services, or a Pharmacy setting offering a combination of these services.

All these courses include the following except the On-Line Course:
  1. National IV Training (20 Hours ACPE Credit)
  2. Clinical Pharmacy Training
  3. Hospital Pharmacy training
  4. Certificate for Hospital Pharmacy Training
    Call 817-938-1064 to schedule


This provides 6 days of  “One on One” training for pharmacists with little or no hospital pharmacy experience. Listed above is just a summary of what is covered. In depth topics are covered but based on the students learning pace and preferences. This program combines all the class room instruction provided in program-3 with practical hands-on experience inside a hospital pharmacy at Texas General Hospital in Grand Prairie (TGH) & Crescent Medical Center Lancaster (CMC) 

Starts Sunday 10 am – 4 pm (TGH)

 (National IV Training) 

Monday 8 AM – 4 PM (TGH)

Hospital Rx overview, IV Medication review/hands on training

Tuesday 8 AM – 6 PM (CMC)

Automation Review, Omnicell, Order Entry & hands-on training

Wednesday 8 AM – 6 PM (TGH & CMC)

Clinical Review, kinetic dosing,  Code Blue review. Order Entry.

Thursday 8 AM – 6 PM (CMC)

Hands on training for all concepts.

Friday 8 AM – 2 PM (TGH)

(Final Exam, Resume refining, Interview Preparation, Certificates)

The depth of topics covered including the schedule is based on the students learning pace and preferences, and adjusted accordingly. This is a one on one program where you are the only student taking this class, unless you use the Buddy-Program to buddy up with a friend or colleague and save on program cost. ($1295) (3/1/18)


  1. Must be a Registered Pharmacist in the USA with at least one year of work experience or a New Pharmacy graduate who has completed their internship hours.
  2. Requires a PPD skin test in the past 10 months, or a negative chest x-ray within the past 4 years.


Call to schedule your class and an application will be sent after class confirmation.

If you are planning on combining this with Program-3 please register early as we only take one student at a time. Your cost remains the same, however you gain an extra day.

**Call 817-938-1064 or 469-999-0243 for more information & schedule**


  1. Hospital Pharmacy Fellowship ( $2495)

Before I came to Texas General Hospital I was terrified about working in the hospital. My first instructor was Hien and did a great job in making all my fears disappear immediately. I am telling all my friends to take this course because it definitely makes a difference and makes you well equipped for a job  as clinical pharmacist. ” Pekam,R.Ph.,  Little Elm, Texas

This 2 week program is designed for Pharmacist who are recent graduates or pharmacists who have been in retail or mail order for a long time and want to transition into the hospital pharmacy setting.

This program covers everything offered in the crash course but at a moderate learning pace so that all hospital pharmacy concepts are strongly incorporated into the pharmacists daily work routine.

At the end of this course the pharmacist should be ready for any hospital job in the acute care setting. You will also receive a fellowship certificate along with a letter of recommendation plus help with finalizing your resume to apply for hospital jobs.

You can also use the Buddy program and take it simultaneously with a colleague and save on registration cost. ($1995) . 

For more information call 817-938-1064 or 469-999-0243



Students who attended Xavier University School of Pharmacy or “Ole Miss” will get a 5% discount for attending Program-I or 10% discount for attending Program-III and above.

Refund Policy

We offer a full refund if the registrant cancels within 10 days of registration prior to receiving class materials.
If materials are returned without alteration, within 2 weeks of registration,you will get a 100% refund.

For cancellations one week prior to scheduled class the refund is pro-rated to 98% of the tuition.

There is no change fee if you reschedule your class within six months. 

For more information please call 817-938-1064 or 469-999-0243

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